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Dear Earth,

Let’s talk.

Is it your break time? Are you rejuvenating yourself?

How does it feel to be relaxing after a really long time?

Oh! Hi! BTW, I am a Human! Yeah, you know me. I am from that species who is trying to rule over you for a…

Draw Your Words, Paint Your Numbers and Show Your Story

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We all have heard that a “picture is worth a thousand words”.

With the many and awesome user-friendly data visualization software which we have today, more and more people from all walks of life, science or media want to take leverage of these words.

We have come a long way…

Perennial springs are a major source of drinking water in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. The region is a tourist hub and is getting rapidly urbanized, putting pressure on water sources. But there is a lack of comprehensive studies on groundwater quality for the region.

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So, Khalid Omar…

I am an Assistant Professor and like everyone else, I had to shift to online teaching in 2020. So over the year, I have come to use these four tools regularly to teach engineering students in India.

1. Canva

I use PowerPoint presentations regularly in the classroom and of course, I had…

It’s so thirsty always!

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Long long, very long ago, there lived a frog called Tiddalik. One fine morning, he woke up and started drinking water because he was thirsty. He started drinking water, he finished the water in lakes and ponds, he continued to drink water and finished the water in streams and rivers…

Where to find the syllabus topics?

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So, you are planning to take up the mandatory course of Research Methodology and IPR prescribed to Ph.D. candidates by VTU.

Confused about where to begin? Read on…

First, download the syllabus copy. You can find it here.

Now that you have the syllabus, just refer to the content below…

A Jain’s way of building discipline

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21 days with only 02 meals every day!

06 meals to 02 meals a day! It seems like a miracle to me. But I now know it is not.

23.08.2020 marked the 50th day of my Biashana — a form of fasting in Jainism.

I decided to imbibe the eating…

An Anthropocentric Evaluation in Panchkula, Haryana, India

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Morni Hills, Panchkula, is a part of the Siwalik Himalayan Ecosystem. Though the mean annual rainfall here is more than 1100 millimeters, water for irrigation is scarce due to swift runoff. Erosion by water leaves the soil degraded, impacting food security for local communities. …

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Producing paper, like other industrial processes, leaves behind huge amounts of solid waste. It is estimated that for every tonne of paper produced 650 kilograms of ash and 600 kilograms of lime sludge are generated. India alone produces more than 20 million tonnes of paper, think about the global scale…

It Boosts My Self-Confidence Too!

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During the first few months of my academic profession and almost till a year I felt overwhelmed with the workload I had. I am not complaining. I liked it. Most of them were learning projects which I thoroughly enjoyed!

But, the problem was I wanted to do it all perfectly…

Khushbu K

Teacher, Researcher & Writer !

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